Monday, August 27, 2007

First Round of Cuts Are Done

Ten players had to go and there was only one mild surprise. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has the list. Kevan Barlow was the interesting cut. It’s now looking like either Carey Davis or Gary Russell is going to make the team. This coming weekend is the big cut-down day as the roster must go from 75 to 53.

Here are the players that I think will get cut (18) and the ones who I think are on the bubble for the last 4 cuts.

Will Get Cut
Dallas Baker (practice squad)
Cody Boyd (practice squad)
Jason Capizzi (practice squad)
Marquis Cooper Travis Kirschke
Jonathan Dekker (practice squad)
Arnold Harrison
Jovon Johnson
John Kuhn
Mike Lorello
Anthony Madison
Grant Mason
Scott Paxson
Bryan Randall
Ronald Stanley
Darnell Stapleton
Cameron Stephenson (practice squad)
Brandon Torrey
Gerran Walker

On the Bubble
Carey Davis
Nick Eason
Trai Essex
Ryan McBean
Shaun Nua
Chukky Okobi
Gary Russell
Brian St. Pierre
Rian Wallace
Walter Young

There could be some very tough decision in this last cut and maybe one or two that involve economics.

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Nothing to do with this post, but...

Glad to hear of other steeler fans out there. I've been living in Vermont for almost a year and i'm looking for other steeler fans. i frequent west lebanon, NH where we have 4-8 steeler fans every sunday. i think it would be great to get a vt/nh black and gold club going. Any thoughts? Go Steelers! Pat