Thursday, May 24, 2007

Early Prediction: Steelers’ Playoff Chances

There’s no doubting the Steelers still have solid talent on both sides of the football. If Big Ben had a slightly better year last season, the Steelers would’ve been in the playoffs. In fact, they only needed one more win (Oakland or Atlanta) to bump Kansas City. Here’s my really early AFC playoff prediction analysis. I’ll revisit this right before training camp and then before the season starts.

AFC East
Patsy’rots – pains me to say they will make the playoffs, but the competition in this division is not great
Jets – made some improvements, success will depend on Pennington, will battle for wildcard
Dolphins – too many questions
Bills – no shot

AFC North
Ravens – have a lot of talent, the question is can McNair win one when he needs to
Steelers – 10-6, wildcard
Bungles – so much promise, so much turmoil, can’t make headway this year
Browns – no shot

AFC South
Colts – lost a lot of talent, could finish in second, but still get wildcard
Jags – will win the division this year
Titans – can’t build on last year and will take a step back
Texans – no shot

AFC West
Chargers – will win the division, team to beat in the AFC
Broncos – will battle for wildcard spot, but doesn’t have enough
Chiefs – won’t make the playoffs this year
Raiders – no shot

Steelers have 10 games they can win, 2 others that will likely go either way, and 4 they will probably lose. I think at 10-6 they can get in and Tomlin will create some excitement.

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