Friday, May 11, 2007

Vote for the 75th Anniversary All-Time Team

You can now vote for the Steelers 75th Anniversary All-Time Team. Here's my team:

QB: Terry Bradshaw - hands down the best Steelers QB
RB: Franco Harris - best Steelers RB of all time
RB: Jerome Bettis - heart and soul of the Cowher era teams
TE: Bennie Cunningham - made every clutch catch
WR: John Stallworth - old reliable
WR: Hines Ward - Mr. versatile
--Hard to omit Lynn Swann here
OL: Alan Faneca - best OL of the 2000's
OL: John Kolb - dominating
OL: Mike Webster - the best center ever
OL: Ray Mansfield - The Ranger
OL: Dermontti Dawson - the 2nd best center ever

DL: Joe Greene - Mean Joe
DL: L.C. Greenwood - always got the big sack
DL: Dwight White - intense
DL: Keith Willis - lookout QB
LB: Jack Ham - made every big play
LB: Jack Lambert - most feared player ever
LB: Greg Lloyd - personal favorite
--hard to choose just 3 here, Greene, Porter, Gildon, Kirland, etc...
DB: Mel Blount - who wants to catch a pass with Mel lurking around
DB: Rod Woodson - one of the NFL's best
DB: Carnell Lake - tough on run and pass
DB: Troy Polamalu - does he make every tackle

K: Gary Anderson - money
K: Roy Gerela - Gerela's Gorillas

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BigMck said...

We agree at a lot of positions. But no way I can pick Stallworth ahead of Swanny. I went with Green at tight end too. I know he had his troubles, but that guy could make plays.