Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Impressed with Tomlin

Beside the Faneca drama, the buzz from Steelers mini camp was all about Mike Tomlin. From the flurry of news, he is really impressing people. Now, you draw multiple parallels of his hiring to that of Cowher’s, but will he get the immediate results Cowher did. The good news is that he understands Steeler football and tradition . Even though changes are happening, he’s not going to abandon the run-the-football/defensive philosophy that has been so successful for years. The talk is about a new spread offense, but ultimately it will be the running game that will benefit.

What seems to be impressing people the most, is how Tomlin dealt with Faneca right out of the gate. There are so many things he could have done, but he did the right thing by immediately talking with Faneca. It is still going to be very interesting how this situation plays out. Tomlin also seems to be winning over his players, as he must get them to buy into his plans. Tomlin is definitely bringing some excitement to the team already and it should be fun to see how things progress up until the start of training camp.

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