Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thank You Cleveland

Cleveland played a big part in the Steelers AFC North title and as fans we owe the Browns a big thank you. With the Steelers two wins over the Browns, and the Bungles win this past weekend, the title was wrapped up. Steelers are going to the playoffs.

This was a costly week for the Steelers. Losing Willie Parker could hurt in the playoffs. Davenport looked good though and may actually be a better back right now than the short yardage specialist the Steelers were trying to mold him into. The big problem is that there is a big lack of depth at the running back position. However, this should be the least of our concerns though.

What has me worried is a defense that can’t stop anybody right now. Even the Rams were moving the ball early in last week’s game. With Jacksonville coming back to Pittsburgh in less than two week, the Steelers better figure out a way to stop Fred Taylor. The team must get that swagger back and make teams fear them. If that doesn’t happen, it will be one and done. Get it back and this team could be scary in the playoffs. After this weekend’s meaningless game, we’ll see what happens.

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