Friday, November 20, 2009

Bungled by the Bengals

OK, it's hard for me to give the Bungles respect, but by sweeping the Steelers this year I will now refer to them as the Bengals. They have a greatly improved defense that just completely frustrated Big Ben in this last game. And, Carson Palmer is playing as well as he ever has. Losing Cedric Benson could be tough on them. Signing Larry Johnson was a strange move considering how hard Marvin Lewis has worked to change the perception of that team.

Enough about the Bengals... Good to see KC up next for the Steelers. This should be a great opportunity to get the running game back on track. If Mendenhall doesn't go for at least a 125 yards, then we got problems. This should be a good tune up before the first Baltimore game. Steelers just need to stay healthy and show some improvement in kick off coverage, which has just been a disaster.

Steelers can still catch the Bengals, but will lose the tie-breaker for first place. My guess at this point is that both teams finish 11-5.

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