Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Initial Observations

Just got back from Pittsburgh and the city is very excited about Mike Tomlin. First observation from his first game, Tomlin had his team ready to play. In the preseason, it really doesn’t matter if your team wins or loses, but it does matter how they play. And, by the look of things, Tomlin had his team very well prepared. This is the observation that has me most pumped about this season.

As for what I saw from particular players:
Carey Davis: In my previous analysis of the running backs, I left him off the final roster. I know it was only one preseason game, but this guy looked good. He has me starting to think he may have a chance. The Steelers do need a back up fullback and he may just be the guy.

Gary Russell: I was very impressed with his game. He hits the hole hard and bounces off tacklers. Russell and Davis may battle for the last RB/FB slot on the team.

Nate Washington: Hey Nate, do your hands actually work? He dropped a lot of critical catches last year and it looks like he hasn’t solved that problem yet. There’s no questioning that he’s got some talent, but he just can’t catch the ball. Maybe he and Ike Taylor need to go to the same remedial hand school together.

Walter Young: Trying to make the team again, he is out of practice squad options. Young looked pretty good in this game. His size is a nice advantage. If he continues to play well and Washington doesn’t solve his hands issue, then Young has a shot to make the roster over Washington.

LaMarr Woodley: Mark it down now, Woodley will be the rookie defensive player of the year. This guy looked great. As a converted defensive end, I was a little worried about his pass coverage skills, but he made a very nice play. Woodley will be a difference maker on the defense.

Willie Reid: Willie may need to join Washington and Taylor in hands school. This guy has no history of problems like this, but he dropped almost every kick to him. He did have one nice kickoff return, which showed his potential. Needs to show he can handle the return duties or he may be out of a job.

Cedrick Wilson: Just throw Cedrick the damn ball. He made some real nice plays, and if Ben keeps targeting him, he could have a nice season. There’s no questioning the top three receivers on this team.

Offensive Line: There’s a lot of talent on the line and it will be interesting to see how things shake out. I’ll be going into more details here in an upcoming analysis.

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