Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Final AFC Predictions

Back in May, I made my early preseason AFC predictions. Since then, I haven’t made too many changes. The two teams that I am making the biggest changes to are the Broncos and Jaguars. I think Denver is going to be stronger than I first thought and the Jaguars are not going to be as good as I predicted. The Broncos are going to have a very good defense and Jay Cutler will be much improved. I think that puts them in competition with the Chargers for the division. However, I don’t think they will have enough to over take the Chargers, but will get a wildcard spot. With the Jaguars making the change at QB, I think there are too many questions for them to make the playoffs. They will still play solid defense, but will struggle to score.

Here are my predictions:
Patsy’rots – 10-6 wins the division. There’s nobody in this weak division to challenge them
Jets – Either of these three remaining teams can finish in second. I'll pick Jets for 2nd
Dolphins – Not this year, but will be competitive next year with a few moves
Bills – Depends upon how Losman performs

Ravens – Their defense wins games. McNair loses them
Steelers – 10-6 gets them the wildcard or 11-5 wins them the division
Bungles – Still can’t get over the hump. Will score plenty, but will give up as many points
Browns – More talent, but not enough yet

Colts – Lost some key talent, especially on defense, but they win the division
Jaguars – Won’t score enough to win more than 8
Texans – Much improved and will be competitive
Titans – Vince Young does not have enough support

Chargers – Best team in the AFC on both sides of the ball
Broncos – Could challenge for the division, but will settle for wildcard
Chiefs – Larry Johnson or bust
Raiders – Will be better. Defense is pretty good, but do they have any offense

Steelers over Patsy’rots – Some revenge
Broncos over Ravens – Better offense wins a defensive game

Colts over Steelers – 2nd round of playoff = Tomlin success in year 1
Chargers over Broncos – This is the Chargers’ year

Chargers over Colts – Home team advantage gets the Chargers to the Super Bowl

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