Monday, September 10, 2007

Steelers that Good, Or Browns that Bad?

It was so nice to see a dominating win in Mike Tomlin’s first game, especially against the hated Browns. However, you have to wonder are the Steelers that good, or is Cleveland just that bad. I think it’s a little bit of both.

On offense, the Steelers new offensive line came together quite nicely in this game. Yeah, it was going up against the Browns awful defense, but only one sack, over 200 yards rushing, and four touchdown passes are still quite impressive. Big Ben showed that he was back on track. Although 12 for 23 passing is not great, (there were some drops that could’ve got him close to a 60 percent completion rating) his performance was still very positive. Fast Willie ran for over 100 yards, but two fumbles is troublesome. He needs to take better care of the ball with all the touches he gets.

On defense, there’s not a lot to complain about. Six sacks, five turnovers, 46 rushing yards against, and seven points are some pretty nice statistics. It could’ve even been a shutout too if Farrior makes an easy interception on the Browns touchdown drive. But, is this performance more based on the Steelers execution or the Browns offensive ineptitude. Personally, I think the Steelers defensive will be among the best this year. The Browns were completely overmatched. We may see Brady Quinn when the Steelers next play the Browns.

1-0 is a nice start of course and we need to keep the early wins coming before the schedule gets really tough. Buffalo will present a little more of challenge this upcoming week because they have a better defense than Cleveland. Their offense isn’t much better and the Steelers defense should shine again.

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