Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bogged Down

Ok, so the Steelers wanted to lay down new turf for the rest of the season as Heinz Field is always in tough shape this time of the year. That’s great, but did anybody bother to check the 48 hour forecast. Would it have made sense to wait and do it over the course of this week? I’d have to imagine so. The field was basically unplayable last night. Now the question is, can the field be ready for the game Sunday night against the Bungles?

Despite the horrible conditions, there were two good things to come out of this game. One being a Steelers’ win, of course. The other was that the game was only two and half hours long. This was a direct result of a lot of short passes, running plays, and that nobody could get out of bounds.

Like all Steeler fans, I was looking forward to seeing how this team would bounce back from the terrible loss to the Jets. The weather and field conditions wiped that all away though as it was a struggle for both teams. It probably helped the Dolphins more as things were evened up a bit. In games like this, you play not to make mistakes. The Steelers made one to the Dolphins two. There’s the game right there.

It’s also very tough to analyze this game. I thought the Steelers started to move the ball well on a couple of drives, but costly penalties wiped out crucial third-down conversions that could’ve put points on the board earlier in this game. The Steelers played well enough in the muck where they wouldn’t lose and that happened to be just good enough. We can all be happy that nobody on the Steelers’ side of the ball got seriously hurt and that we should get some critical players back for a Bungles team coming off a good win.

We’re 8-3, a game up in the division, and probably need 2 more wins to make the playoffs.

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