Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Steelers Can Beat the Patriots

Let me start this post of by saying that even though I live in New Hampshire (part of New England), I cannot stand the Patriots. This team, its coach, and owner just disgust me with their overblown egos and pompous attitudes. I don’t want to see this team go 16-0 and I surely don’t want them to win another Super Bowl.

Now, can the Steelers beat the Patriots? Yes, I think they can. I was feeling much more confident before the terrible loss to the Jets, but I think that might just be the kick in the butt this team needs. We all remember the run we went on in 2005 when the team was facing elimination every week. That Steelers’ team found that motivation and played at a level that I think this year’s team is also capable of. How they come out on Monday will tell us all how the rest of season may go.

Here’s how I think Steelers can beat the Patsy’rots:
Hit Tom Brady hard and often: Other teams have barely touched Brady this year. The Steelers need to set the tempo by hitting him early. I think they even can afford a roughing penalty or two to just get it done. History has shown that when Brady gets pressured, he has problems. And, if by chance Brady is forced out of the game, this one will quickly swing the Steelers’ way.

Cover Randy Moss: Ike Taylor may be one of the best one-on-one cover guys in the league. Moss has not faced a corner like Taylor this year that can match his speed with physical play. Moss has wilted in the past when he continually gets hit coming of the line. I would put Taylor exclusively on Moss. The Patsies’ biggest weakness is a lack of a running game, which should let the Steelers key on the pass.

Don’t have a special teams’ meltdown: Contain the return game and don’t give up the big play. Sounds simple often. Also, Sepulveda needs to get his leg back and start booming kicks the way he is capable of.

Time of possession: Willie Parker must have a big game. If he can get back to 4-plus yards a carry, the Steelers can control the clock. It will also open things up for Big Ben in the passing game.

Don’t panic: If the Steelers are losing at any point, they must stay calm. This team has the weapons to come back. They proved it against Cleveland. Big Ben can make the clutch plays and the defense is capable of big stops when they need to be made. The team needs to stick to its game plane and execute.

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